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The advantages of engineered stone benchtops

There is no denying that stone benchtops give a home the feeling of absolute luxury. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural stone, such as marble and granite, it can be quite expensive. So, if you still want that luxury look, but for a more affordable price, engineered stone might be just what you’re looking for.

September 25, 2019  |  Read Time: 2 minutes  |  Interior Design

What is engineered stone and why choose it?

Engineered stone is manufactured by combining quartz or granite aggregate with resins and pigments to produce a man-made product that is hard wearing, non-porous and resistant to scratches and dents.


Apart from the obvious benefit of being more cost effective, there are many other reasons why engineered stone is the smarter choice for your home:


Reduce your footprint

Engineered stone is made from quartz, which is naturally abundant, meaning the environmental impact of producing it is very small.



If you want countertops that not only look amazing, but will last a lifetime, engineered stone is the best option. It is known for being extremely durable, resistant to heat, resistant to scratches and cuts and doesn’t crack easily.


Aesthetically pleasing

Unlike natural stone, engineered stone has uniformity in colour. It also has the same colour and texture as natural stone, so it’s very hard to tell them apart, unless you know exactly what you are
looking for.

Engineered stone comes in a wide variety of colours and styles, so choosing something to fit the colour palette you have chosen for your home should be relatively easy.


Easy to clean

One thing that really makes engineered stone stand out from natural stone is that it is easier to clean. Natural stone is porous, so, bacteria and dirt can leach its way into the benchtop, making it very hard to remove. Engineered stone, on the other hand, is non-porous, so it won’t absorb any spilled liquid and can be easily wiped over. Even when the sealant wears off the engineered stone, the surface will still be stain resistant. Natural stone however, requires regular sealing.

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