Benefits of Picking a House and Land Package

There are so many advantages to choosing a house and land package, the biggest being that the whole process of building is simplified massively. No spending hours researching builders, or trying to find the perfect block of land for your needs. Buying a house and land package really does cut out a lot of the stress involved with building, and offers a much more cost effective option.

It is also worth noting that some buyers may be eligible for grants or deductions when purchasing a house and land package, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Variety of locations

Trying to find land at the moment in Perth isn’t easy. House and land packages ensure that you can secure a block of land to suit your needs. You are able to select a suburb that you like, based on your lifestyle, and are sure to find the dream location for your dream home. Builders are also able to access land that is not available to the public, so a house and land package really does widen your land options.

Designed for the block

One of the biggest advantages of picking a house and land package is being able to get exactly what you want. While the home is typically shaped to fit the block of land, your consultant can customise your home design further to suit your specific needs and make sure you’re getting the perfect home for you.

Costs are clear

With a house and land package the price is clear upfront, which is particularly helpful for buyers that have a set budget or pre-approved finance. Knowing the price from the beginning for the house and land, and a good estimate for site works, makes life a lot easier when it comes to organising your budget.

The features you want

Everybody wants their home to reflect their personality; being able to put your own touches to a house is the dream. Buying an established home usually means that you are paying for someone else’s preferred taps, carpets, paint choices, etc. Building your own home lets you upgrade only the details you want to, and your home will be exactly how you envisioned it from the moment you move in.

Lifetime structural warranty

When you build you are much more protected by your warranty than if you were to buy established, and the peace of mind that this gives is priceless. Your new home is obviously built to last, but the warranty is there to ensure that should you need any support in the years to come, it will be available to you, and with a lifetime structural guarantee available through Content Living, you’re new home is covered for life.

Choosing a house and land package is the easiest and fastest way to purchase a home that can be customised to meet all of your needs, while potentially saving you money, and ensuring that you get what’s important to you in a new home. At the end of the build, your house is ready to move into, and you can start enjoying it straight away.

To find out more about purchasing a house or land package, you can view all of the available Content Living house and land packages, or speak to one of our expert Building Consultants who will be happy to help guide you through the process.