A Step By Step Guide to Building Your New Home

After making the decision to build your own home, working out what to do next can be hard. How do you make the vision you have for your new home into a reality? Where do you begin? This step by step guide will help you to navigate the building process with less stress.

Step 1 – Paperwork and the approval process

Thinking about the paperwork involved in getting your home built can be daunting, but your home builder will be able to guide you through this step.

Once you have chosen a home loan provider, and finance has been approved, there are some big decisions to be made. You can now pick a location for your build, and of course, a block of land.

Make sure your chosen location will suit your family and lifestyle, and keep your budget in mind.

The next part is exciting, deciding what style and size home you need. Take your time, visit display homes, and play around with your house plans before settling on the final design.

Step 2 – Do your research

Doing thorough research upfront will ensure that you know exactly what you do and don’t want. Taking the extra time to research now could save you from making mistakes that are hard or costly to fix. Study some brochures, home magazines and Pinterest or Instagram to help you decide on what styles and finishes you like.

Step 3 – Prestart

One of the most exciting steps of building your new home is attending your Prestart consultation. Prestart is where you get the chance to meet with a consultant and decide on the smaller details of your home, from fixtures to flooring and everything in between.

It is your chance to bring a touch of your desired style to your new home.

Step 4 – Construction

With planning and paperwork complete, the construction phase can begin. Transforming an empty block of land into your dream home is made up of a number of steps:

Breaking ground

Getting your land ready and laying the slab is the first step, which can take a couple of weeks. The foundation of your home is important, so your builder will want to make sure it is perfect.


Walls will go up after a couple of weeks from when the foundations are complete.


Once the external and internal walls are finished, the roof can be installed. The framework will be built first, then the cover and internal ceiling can be completed.


The lockup stage is when the house can be locked up, with all windows and doors fitted. The internal plumbing and wiring can also begin during this stage.


The installation of the kitchen, bathrooms, taps and tiles is next. Any other fixtures that you chose at your Prestart meeting will also be completed, including cabinetry and skirting.


It is nearly time for you to be given the keys to your brand new home. The site will be cleared, and you will be able to walk through and do a final inspection. This is your opportunity to check the finished product is up to your standards, so that anything that needs fixing or adjusting will be done.

You are now ready to move in, the keys to your new place will finally be yours.