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Here at Content Living, we can produce a design perfectly suited to your lifestyle and guide you through the process of demolishing a house and rebuilding.

We recognise that you’re looking for a new home solution that caters precisely to your needs; a liveable design that reflects your family, in the suburb you love.

We offer an obligation-free design & quote service to deliver a home that is uniquely yours.

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Our Service

Many people are wary of undertaking demolition and build projects due to inexperience and lack of knowledge of the process and unknown variables. At Content Living, our team will help you plan the demolition of the existing property, seek all quotes and approvals and work with you to build a stunning new home. Providing you complete peace-of-mind, our team will guide you through:

• Designing your new home
• Demolition planning, quoting and support
• Finance approvals
• Building approvals
• Site related work
• Prestart consultation
• Constructing your new home, and
• Handover

At Content Living, we aim to help provide a building experience that is smooth and stress-free, from the initial preparations through to when you receive your keys. Items that may be required when looking at undertaking a demolish and build project are:

• Vegetation & root removal
• Removal of asbestos & building materials
• Demolition of sheds and additional structures
• Septic tank & soak-well removals
• Swimming pool removals
• Retaining wall removal and construction

In addition to assisting you in the preparation of your demolition, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your new home project is in the safest possible hands.

At Content Living, we recognise your need for proactive customer service; as you move through your build, we keep you informed with regular updates, and expand your knowledge of the building process along the way.

We understand that every client is unique, which is why we strive to provide you with a smooth demolition experience, whether you’ve gone through the process before or not.


Subdivision house


If you want to make the most out of your available land, demolishing your existing home may just be the first step. With a large enough plot of land, you may be able to demolish your old home and subdivide the remaining block, creating an opportunity to tap into some added income from your land. Subdividing is when you create two or more blocks from your original single block that you can later sell individually, or use for investment properties.

Subdividing your land is linked directly to residential design codes (R-codes), which dictate how your block can be subdivide, and what you are allowed to build on the new blocks of land. R-codes are put in place throughout Western Australia to regulate the design of residential properties, and are used to assess residential subdivision proposals.

R-codes are very comprehensive, and differ greatly depending on where you block of land is located. The R-codes that apply to your block of land can have an influence on things such as:

• The number of blocks your plot of land can be subdivided into
• The setback requirements of your blocks
• Height allowances of proposed dwellings
• How subdividing affects the streetscape
• Passive solar design,
• And much more

At Content Living, our experienced team of Design Consultants can help you through the subdividing process, working your through the subdividing process, and ensuring that your new dwellings comply with any council regulations, allowing you to make the most use out of your available land.

Finance and Planning

Arranging finance for a new home doesn’t have to be difficult.

When demolishing an existing property and building your new home, it is extremely important that the costs are managed throughout the process.

Ensuring that your new build runs smoothly and that you have no nasty surprises, the team at Content Living is pleased to offer you a complimentary financial advisory service through our partnership with Verity Finance Group.

We understand that like every client, every project is unique and as such, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge and management of the entire construction process.

Additionally, in some cases, choosing the right home loan is often as important as choosing the right home.

Verity Finance Group are specialists in construction home loans and through our ongoing relationship, they will assist you in tailoring an individual financial package that will get you into your new home with no unwanted financial surprises.

Contact us today to get started or find out if you're eligible for home finance.

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Building your new home does not have to be a daunting process. We take pride in making your experience enjoyable and stress-free, and are committed to building a home that you and your family are sure to love for years to come. Our construction process and decades of experience mean that when you choose to build with Content Living, you’re building a home for life.⁠

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