Tips for Designing the Perfect Family Home

When designing your dream home there are many things you need to consider, and designing a home with family in mind has its own unique considerations. There are certain things that a family needs in a home to make it not only comfortable to live in now, but will also ensure that the home will grow with you into the future. The following tips will help you to get the design of your new home just right.

Master Retreat

I’m sure that every parent will agree that having a space just for them is very important, and a parent’s retreat is the perfect option. When deciding on a floor plan, try and separate the Master Retreat from the kids’ rooms for that extra bit of privacy (master at the front and kids’ rooms at the back, for example), with enough room for you to have your own private retreat to yourself.

The master retreat of the Southport

Living Area

Creating big, open spaces where the whole family can congregate and enjoy spending time together is important. A central living area that combines open-plan living and dining is a good option, as this creates a family space at the heart of your home that the whole family can gather in.

Kitchen Goals

The kitchen is the hub of the home, a lot of time is spent there so you want it to not only be functional, but look amazing also. For a family home, the kitchen needs to be big. Having a kitchen that only has enough space for 2 people to be in at a time is just not practical. Plenty of bench space and a tonne of storage is a must, think overhead cupboards and a huge island bench. If you really want to ensure you have ample space and can keep kitchen mess out of sight, consider including a scullery if space allows for one.

Room To Move

Probably one of the most important things to keep in mind when designing a home for your family is space, you want lots and lots of it. You need to make sure that there is plenty of room for your family to continue to expand, as your kids grow you will be glad that you have the extra room in your home for them to grow into.

• If you think you may have more kids, add an extra bedroom or two.
• You will need at least two bathrooms, one just isn’t practical.
• Include a study/office area for those teenage years.
• Be sure to have a few different activity/living areas so everybody can spread out and not be on top of each other.

The Northport open-plan living

Theatre Room

If you can fit it in, a theatre room is a great addition for a family home. Whether you enjoy watching sport, like to have family movie nights, or the kids need somewhere to watch their shows…a theatre room will provide hours of happiness and entertainment for your family, while creating a practical space that can be used individually or as a family.

Big Backyard

If possible, try and leave plenty of space for a big backyard, you will be very thankful for it once you settle into your daily life. Children need space to play outside, and in Australia, indoor/outdoor living is very popular. A good-sized backyard also means that should you have a pet, or are considering getting one in the future, you will have more than enough room for the latest furry member of your family.

Pet Friendly

Making your house pet friendly before you move in is a good idea to consider, as it will cost more to make changes once your home is built. Consider installing dog doors and including pet friendly areas during the construction of your home, such as a laundry/wet-area straight from the garage for after the beach, or a door from outside straight into the garage for example, to help avoid dirty paw-prints leading through your home.

If you want to start designing the perfect family home to suit your lifestyle, the expert team at Content Living can help listen to all the things that are important to you, and can help design a house to match what you are looking for. Chat to one of our friendly consultants today for all the tips and tricks!