Preparing Your Home For Winter in 6 Simple Steps

Coming into the cooler months, our lifestyles and how we spend our days tend to change. Naturally, the change in season should also see some changes in our homes.

The goal is to make your home inviting and warm, so you can comfortably spend more nights at home. We’ve compiled this list of 6 steps to help you get your home winter ready.

Get Your Air Conditioning System Serviced

Your air conditioner needs to be ready to heat your home efficiently, and getting it serviced by a professional is the best way to ensure it is running perfectly. It is recommended that the filters in your air conditioner are cleaned or changed every few months.

If you have furry pets, have the air conditioner running almost constantly or if the unit is particularly dusty, it may require more attention. Old or dirty filters can increase your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%, so it is well worth getting them checked.

Do You Need A New Heater?

To make sure that you have the most efficient heating unit, you need to consider the size of the space you want to heat and how often you plan on using your heater. There are 3 types of heaters to choose from:

• Electric heaters are recommended for heating small spaces but are not great if you want the heating running all the time. Otherwise, they are a cheap and portable option that is often favoured by renters.

• Gas heaters are a good choice for warming larger areas, and are able to be running for longer periods of time as gas is more affordable than electricity.

• Although it is more costly to begin with, reverse cycle air conditioners can actually end up saving you money. For the amount of heat they generate, they are reasonably economic.

Invest In Window Coverings

If you don’t have suitable window coverings, now is the time to consider getting some. Lighter, sheer curtains are good for the summer months, but not so great during winter. Layered or insulated curtains or roller blinds are the best when it comes to keeping heat in and cold out.

Put Covers Or Rugs On Hard Floors

Concrete or tiled floors are cold underfoot and can make the whole room feel a lot chillier. Rugs are the easiest, and most effective way to overcome this problem. They are also a good way to introduce some colour into a space, without going overboard.

Add Texture And Layers

Nothing says cosy as much as a couch adorned with some velvet cushions, and a chunky knit throw. Introduce some timber or brass, to really give everything that warm vibe.

Treat Yourself To A New Doona

If you are after maximum warmth in a doona, wool and feather quilts are recommended. It is worth spending a bit of extra money to get a good quality quilt.

Now is the perfect time to start making these simple changes, so when the cooler weather finally arrives your home is well and truly ready. A little bit of effort now, will ensure that your energy consumption will not increase dramatically, and you will still have a warm home to enjoy.