How much does building a new home in Perth really cost?

When you are thinking about building your own Perth home, there is a lot to consider. The overall cost of your new home is obviously an important issue, and there are many variables that can affect this. So, how much does it cost to build a house in Perth.

The cost of your block

The very first thing to consider is the cost of the block you are looking at. Typically, the closer you are to the city, the beach, or major suburbs, the more expensive your block will be, while building further away usually means the average cost of land decreases. Your lifestyle and your family’s needs will determine your build location. Do you wish to be close to extended family? Do you want to be close to your children’s schools or your workplace? Make a list of your must-haves and then start searching for your perfect block of land.

Where you choose to build

Where you choose to build can impact the site works of your new home. For example, if you build near bushland then your house will need to be bushfire compliant, or if you choose to build near the beach then you will need to ensure that your home can withstand the salty air. Ask about any extra site costs due to your build location before you buy the block.

Size of your house

Consider how big or small you would like your new home to be, the size of your family will obviously affect this decision. A larger house is more expensive because of the extra materials and labour costs involved. If you are looking at saving money, consider what is essential compared to what is a luxury item. Having enough bedrooms is essential. An extra-large home theatre or a kitchen scullery may be things you can do without to keep building costs down.


When designing your home there are options for upgrades that you can choose to add to your house. Higher ceilings, feature ceilings, upgraded carpets and tiling, or nicer tapware are examples of upgrades you may wish to select. It is a wise decision to leave a little money in your budget for your PreStart phase so you can customise your home to suit your lifestyle perfectly – crucial if this build is not an investment property. Decide what extras you want at this stage to stop the stress of rising construction costs.

After build extras

Are there any things that you would like to do as soon as the handover is complete? When the house is built, the garden, hardscaping, painting, wallpapering, feature lighting, installing a mailbox or clothesline can be installed. Plan ahead for the cost of these items as they are not typically part of the building contract. Always check the house plans and initial contract price for inclusions and exclusions.

Check for promotions

We hope we’ve explained some of the factors that influence the cost to build a house in Perth. Before you start the process, check with your building consultant if there are any promotions currently being offered by your builder or estate. This is a great idea to ensure you have an idea about the average price people are currently paying for their new builds. Some can range from upgraded inclusions to your home, to free landscaping, and can help shave money off the cost of your new home. Click here to see our current promotions, or speak to one of our expert Design Consultants for more information.