Why A Single Storey Home Is The Best Choice For You?

We hear a lot about why double storey homes are so good, but there are some major benefits to single storey living too. With the trend for urban living and smaller blocks, most people are opting to build up to maximise living space; but just because that’s the new norm, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

While anyone can choose to build single storey, we have found that there are two types of homeowners who will often choose single over double – first homeowners and downsizers – and with good reason.

Generally, a single storey home with have less floorspace than a double storey home and with this reduced amount of space comes the most obvious benefit – less areas to clean, both internally and externally. Nobody wants to spend all their free time cleaning, not to mention the extra work required to clean second storey windows and gutters!

For those with young families we believe that single storey homes also have a great advantage when it comes to safety, with small children not having access to a steep staircase. A lack of stairs is also appealing for downsizers or owners who are thinking of their future in the home. If the residents of the home will be elderly at some point, the risk of falls and injury that come with a staircase is a big concern.

Apart from safety, building up is usually more expensive, with the need for extra materials and longer building times contributing to this. And the extra costs don’t stop with the build, you also need to consider the cost of heating and cooling your home, with less rooms and only having to heat or cool one level, single storey designs are more energy efficient and tend to have better access to natural light and airflow, meaning big savings on your power bills.

The best part about building a home with Content Living Home Builders Perth is that you get all the benefits of single storey living, but don’t lose the spacious feel and luxurious finish that typically comes with a double storey home. Our homes definitely don’t feel small and the clever designs make use of every inch of space.

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