Sam Smith


With a robust presence spanning over nine years in the building industry, I derive immense satisfaction from guiding my clients through the entire spectrum of the construction journey – from conceptualizing and designing their dream homes to the momentous occasion of handing over the keys. My extensive experience is notably enriched by a focus on building residences in proximity to picturesque beaches, notably in the Mandurah development. Having undertaken numerous projects in these coastal havens, I’ve garnered a profound understanding of the unique challenges and exciting opportunities intrinsic to crafting homes in such breathtaking locations, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and environmental considerations in every project I undertake.


During my free time, you’ll often find me exploring Perth’s vibrant brunch scene with my wife and our beloved canine companion, creating delightful moments of connection and enjoyment. Additionally, my interests extend to snowboarding and golf, adding exhilarating and leisurely pursuits to the mix. This reflects my belief that building homes goes beyond physical structures, involving the creation of a lifestyle that reflects the beauty and warmth found in our carefully designed spaces.