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Helpful Advice

What’s included in the house and land package?

In a Content Living house and land package, you get both the chosen plot of land and a thoughtfully designed home. The package includes the land, site works and construction cost, and you can customize finishes within the specified parameters to suit your wants and needs. This is a great way to use our partnerships with land developers to find the perfect house and land package for you.

What kind of land is suitable to build on?

Content Living has fantastic relationships with all of our land developer partners in Perth and always have access to exclusive blocks in new subdivisions, estates, or communities, ensuring they meet both your preferences and our high construction standards.

What financing options are available for House & Land Package homebuyers?

Content Living collaborates with Verity Finance to offer a range of financing options for House & Land Package buyers. This partnership ensures flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

How do house and land packages work?

House and land packages with Content Living work by selecting a plot of land in a chosen development. You then choose a home design, customize if desired, and agree on a fixed-price contract. Financing is arranged, and construction begins. Upon completion, the keys are handed over for you to move into your new, personalized home.

Are these packages on the website the only combination available?

The Content Living website showcases sample House & Land Packages as a starting point for potential homebuyers, emphasizing that these are not the only combinations available. Understanding the diversity of homebuyers' preferences and needs, Content Living offers extensive customization options. This includes choosing from various home designs, adjusting floor plans, selecting finishes, and adding personalized features to create a home that uniquely suits individual styles. For a more tailored experience, it's recommended to directly contact Content Living. Their experienced team can guide you through the customization process, ensuring your new home is not only functional but also a reflection of your distinctive taste and preferences, all within your budget.