Enhancing curb appeal for a stand-out home

You should never judge a book by its cover, or so they say! The first thing we see will always give us our first impression, no matter what it is. So, if you want your home’s first impression to be a good one, make sure your enhancing curb appeal for a stand-out home.

As a home builder, our top tip for making your home stand out is curb appeal. Although the elevation you choose, when building a new home, will be a major factor in how your home presents, the curb appeal is what really makes a home the best in the street.

Curb appeal includes everything that can be seen from the road such as driveways and paths, fencing and gates, outdoor lighting, gardens and landscaping and even your choice of letterbox! Here Are Our Best Tips for enhancing curb appeal for a stand-out home:

Driveways And Paths

A driveway is often the first contact anyone has with your home, so it needs to look good. There are many different materials you can use for a driveway; it really comes down to personal preference and what will best complement your property. Tie your pathways in with your driveway by using the same materials or colours, this will provide a consistent and sophisticated look.

Moving closer to the house, consider concrete and paving or even decking for the front entryway. Attractiveness is important but making sure the surface is hardwearing and resilient should also be a top priority.

Fencing And Gates

It may seem boring choosing fencing and gates, but the impact they can have on the overall look can’t be overstated. A gorgeous garden is great but if the surrounding fencing is cracked and damaged, that will be the first thing people notice. Gates and fencing are also important for security, so it’s worth researching your options. Try to match your fencing with your roof’s fascia and guttering to bring a uniform look to the whole block.

Light The Way

Lighting up your outdoors is the best way to make your property stand out at night; a front yard in total darkness is not appealing, and of course, is not very secure. Outdoor lighting can be used to accentuate planting and certain features on the front of the house, as well as to line driveways and pathways. Lighting that is activated by sensors is recommended for added safety and security. Look into low voltage solar options, which look great and are budget-friendly.

Get Arty

Garden art or sculptures can help tie together the overall theme of your home and garden, plus they’re a great focal point. When trying to choose the perfect piece for your front yard, make sure you pick something that will suit both the size and style of your property. If your home is ultra-modern an abstract piece might be best, whereas a more classical home would suit a sculpture or water fountain. Garden art can be made from timber, metal, stone or concrete… whatever you choose, make sure it can withstand all weather conditions.

Plants And Lawns

When it comes to your lawn, the main thing is to keep it looking green and trimmed, overgrown or dead lawns can easily bring down the look and worth of a home.

Plants are one of the best ways to lift the look of your yard. Decide on the style of the garden, would you like traditional, with garden beds or a modern design with symmetrical planting? This can be dictated by the style of your house. Add colour and texture through your choice of plants and flowers. Regular maintenance of your garden will ensure it always looks its best.

Curb appeal not only makes your home feel welcoming; it also sets the tone for what the interior of your home will be like, and is essential if you are wanting to sell.

For more inspiration on getting your curb appeal just right, visit a Content Living display home location to see how it should all come together – there’s one near you!