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Pre-Construction Phase

Building a new home can be a daunting task. At Content Living, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Our building process timeline is a handy guide that shows you what we do and when we do it. Pre-Construction is the first phase, which involves all the work that needs to be completed before we can start building your perfect home.

Design Stage

Layout and Features of New Home Decided


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Survey & Engineering

Land Survey and Engineering Completed

Building Documents

Paperwork arranged for your new home

Building Contracts

Preperation of your Building Contract

Pre-Start Meeting

Home Colour and Material Selections

Shire & Formal Finance

Final Approvals Recieved, Including Finance

Final Plans

Final Plans are Sent Out and Approved

Construction Phase

The second phase in our building timeline is Construction, which is when things really start getting exciting!

During Construction you’ll be able to see your new home take shape, from the slab being poured all the way up to your final key handover.

Start Building

Construction begins on your new home

Slab Down

The home’s concrete slab is poured


Construction of walls is completed

Roof Cover

Roof cover carpentry is fully finished


Doors and windows are installed

Key Handover

Remaining home fitout is completed

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