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Supersize Your Benchtop

CONTENT LIVING brings you the largest island benchtop available with a new Perth home*

  • Large single slab island benchtop
  • Up to 3000 mm x 1400 mm
  • One piece of beautiful stone with no joins

Our island benchtops are expertly crafted from beautiful stone and finishes that create the appearance of a work of art. When you build your home with CONTENT LIVING, you can supersize your kitchen benchtop so that you’ll never run out of space. With up to 3000mm wide and 1400mm deep in a single slab, it’s the largest island benchtop available when buying your new home in Perth*

Chose your island benchtop colour to suit your decor. We have 6 colours of beautiful stone to chose from – Calcite Gloss, Nickel Gloss, Silica Gloss, Lava Black, Zinc Gloss and Chalkstone. Outstanding in design and functionality, the perfect touch for your new family home.

Chose one of our supersized island benchtops with your new home so that you will never be short of kitchen benchtop space for your growing family!

Enquire about your island benchtop with your new home today!


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