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Your guide to farmhouse designs in Perth

What is a Farmhouse? Becoming more and more popular amongst new home buyers, a traditional farmhouse design is a home…

October 28, 2021  |  Read Time: 4 minutes  |  Buying a New Home

What is a Farmhouse?

Becoming more and more popular amongst new home buyers, a traditional farmhouse design is a home that is wide rather than long, and originally got their names from being on large rural lots in the Australian countryside which were used for, you guessed it, farming! In recent years, more modern style farmhouse designs have grown in popularity, and there are many reasons why this has happened. One of the main reasons why farmhouse homes have seen a surge in popularity is that people generally want a home that offers a lot of space, and can help provide some peace and quiet from the busy city life.


Farmhouses and Suburban Living

Although large rural lots where Farmhouses got their start aren’t as common these days, particularly with suburban living in mind, farmhouses have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. There are multiple reasons for the increased popularity of the farmhouse floorplan, the main one being the sheer amount of space they provide. When building a new home, families will usually always put the desire for a home that offers an abundance of space at the top of their list of wants. The fact that the farmhouse design is closely associated with Australian culture is also a big selling point, many people enjoy the idea of a quiet country lifestyle, and some may have even grown up in the country. All of these factors have seen a huge rise in the number of home buyers choosing a farmhouse design, and some builders have added farmhouse designs to their home collections.


Features of a Farmhouse

There are some features a home must have to be considered a farmhouse, the main one being that the home is wide rather than long. A typical farmhouse will also usually include a sweeping veranda out the front, a large alfresco area, and a big country inspired kitchen, though there is no one way to design a farmhouse. The emphasis when it comes to designing the floorplan for a farmhouse is on making a home that is spacious, with open plan living, and room for families to grow. More modern farmhouse designs also like to incorporate outdoor living into the design, allowing for a dining and entertaining experience that flows effortlessly from inside to out, and vice versa, making the most out of the beautiful Australian climate.


Why Choose a Farmhouse?

A farmhouse is the perfect choice for those who are seeking a lot of room, whether you have a large family, or are wanting your home to be able to grow with you into the future; farmhouse designs are known for offering plenty of space. Farmhouse designs are also a good option for those who like the outdoors and want a floorplan that offers seamless indoor-outdoor living, with designs often connecting well to outdoor living spaces.


Where can I build a Farmhouse?

Farmhouses are perfectly suited to larger lots, which tend to be more available on the edge of the Perth metro region, and can make a beautiful home for homes in the hills, overlooking the sweeping Australian countryside, or with incredible views of the city. However if you like the idea of a farmhouse home in the suburbs, corner lots can also accommodate the wide home design when appropriately planned, or newer estates which can sometimes offer large lots, making the perfect combination of spacious living while remaining close to the city.


For more information about building your new farmhouse home, or for help finding a block of land to accommodate your build, contact one of our expert Design Consultants for a friendly chat, or stop by one of our display homes for some inspiration.

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