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Why hire a building consultant?

Deciding to build your new home is a huge commitment, and it can also be a daunting experience. There is a lot to think about, and some big decisions need to be made along the way. Luckily you do not have to navigate the home building process on your own. An expert building consultant will help make your journey to owning your dream home go as smoothly as possible. To understand exactly what guidance your building consultant will offer, we have detailed their role below to help put your mind at ease. Here are 6 benefits of hiring a building consultant.

July 1, 2021  |  Read Time: 3 minutes  |  Buying a New Home

1. Outlining the building process

The first job of a building consultant is to outline the building process, walking you through each stage in detail. It will make your experience a lot easier if you have an idea of how the building process works, and also have a contact person if you have any queries or concerns along the way. Your consultant will make sure you are aware of what is happening through each step and is there to help make your building journey a good one.


2. Customising your floorplan

One of the most important roles of a Building Consultant is helping you to get the perfect home design for your family. You want a house that suits you and your lifestyle, and your consultant can help you customise your floorplan to ensure you get your dream home. From working off of a design that you like that’s not quite there yet, or designing a custom home just for you, your consultant is there to make sure that your new home is perfect for you.


Customise your floorplan

3. Adhering to your budget

Your Building Consultant will work within your budget to make the most of your new home. Using all of their previous experience, they are able to make sure that you get everything you want in your new home without blowing out your budget, and can even help guide you on ways to help save some money along the way.


4. Sorting out finances

Probably one of the biggest stresses people encounter when deciding to build a new home is sorting out the financial side of things, as it can be very confusing especially for first home builders. Your Building Consultant will liaise with a Mortgage Broker to ensure that all your finances are in order, making this step a lot less stressful for you, and ensuring that you have a concrete figure to work with.


5. Working with land developers

You want to get the perfect block for your new home at the best possible deal, and your Building Consultant is here to help with just that. They will work directly with the land developer to ensure you get the block you want in the location you’re looking for, at the best price possible. Some building consultants even have access to exclusive lots not available to the public, so it is worth talking to your consultant before searching for a block by yourself.


Build your perfect home with an expert Consultant

6. 3D walkthrough

When you sign up to build with Content Living, your Building Consultant will be able to help create a 3D walkthrough of your chosen house plan once you have made a design that you like, which will make it a lot easier for you to visualise your new home. Not a lot of builders offer 3D walkthroughs, so getting to have a sneak-peak of your home ahead of time is a big bonus! Seeing a plan online or on paper will never measure up to being able to actually walk through the spaces, especially when it comes to checking out if the design will flow properly and be functional in real life.


For more information about the benefits of hiring a building consultant, reach out to us today, and one of our expert Building Consultants will be happy to help answer any and all of your questions.

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