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What is the difference between a scullery, butler’s pantry, and a larder?

We have all thought about how much more enjoyable cooking would be with a bigger kitchen, but when it comes to bigger kitchens, there are so many design options to choose from. For starters, do you want more bench space, or maybe more pantry space? Do you want an island bench or a U-shaped kitchen design? Do you like the idea of having a dedicated space to keep the everyday kitchen mess out of sight? We recommend doing your research before deciding exactly what you want your kitchen to look like. The kitchen is the main hub of the home. You want it to be both functional and stylish. A popular kitchen design questions we’re asked is what is the difference between a scullery and a butler’s pantry? And what’s a larder?

October 1, 2021  |  Read Time: 3 minutes  |  Kitchen Feature

Why are kitchen extensions so popular?

We are seeing a design trend that involves bigger and better kitchens. Most homes boasting some form of extended kitchen, be it a scullery, butler’s pantry, or a larder. A larger kitchen definitely makes cooking much more enjoyable. A statement kitchen at the heart of the home can make for the perfect entertainment location for friends and family. Often the kitchen is at the centre of activity. Whether you’re making dinner for the family or entertaining guests, modern kitchens are moving away from just a place to cook. They are often the centre of entertainment.

What is a Scullery?

A scullery is a form of kitchen extension that is often associated with a washing up area, or somewhere you can keep your dirty dishes out of sight and out of mind. The main purpose of a scullery is to provide a place where you can do all your tidying and dishes without cluttering the main kitchen. It is basically another small kitchen in itself and is the extra storage space that everyone needs. A scullery is particularly useful if you do not want a washing up sink in your main kitchen, or if you tend to make a bit of a mess while you are cooking.

Kitchen with sink and microwave

What is a Butler’s Pantry?

A traditional butler’s pantry is an area between the kitchen and the dining area that is used for extra bench and storage space, making it the ideal preparation area for cooking. More modern butler’s pantries are typically built alongside the kitchen which provides some extra prep space, but is out of sight of the main dining and entertaining area. A butler’s pantry is useful if you love to cook and bake or entertain friends and family. The extra storage and prep space let you cook with ease without making a mess in the main kitchen, and let you spread out a few different dishes at the same time.

What is a Larder?

A modern-day larder is typically a very large pantry, big enough to be able to store your dry goods, a fridge and freezer, and even have enough storage space for your less-used kitchen appliances when not in use. While not as popular as sculleries and butler’s pantries, a larder is useful if you like to keep a fully-stocked pantry at all times, and don’t want your fridge and freezer taking up space in the main kitchen area – freeing up much-needed space for benchtops.

How do you decide which kitchen extension is right for you?

The simple answer to deciding which type of kitchen is to do your research. Think about the kitchen in your current home or any previous homes you have lived in. What did you like about the kitchen? What would you change? How do you mostly use your kitchen? There is no one way to build a kitchen, so think about your needs, visit some display homes to see what is on offer, and talk to your builder for more advice.

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