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Wallpaper is back – and it’s cooler than ever!

Wallpaper has had a massive resurgence in popularity recently, and it is not hard to see why. It not only gives you the ability to quickly change the look of a whole room, it’s also inexpensive and easy to DIY.

And the benefits don’t stop there, when it comes to keeping walls clean, wallpaper wins every time over painted walls, as it’s easier to wipe over with a cloth to remove marks and colourful prints are great for hiding those marks that can’t be wiped away.

August 20, 2019  |  Read Time: 3 minutes  |  Interior Design

The options are endless

One of the biggest drawcards for wallpaper is the huge range of colours, designs and patterns available. There’s even a range of textured papers that can be painted, allowing you to choose whatever colour you want, while still getting an eye-catching new look for your room.


How should I use it?

There are myriad options when it comes to wallpapering, but possibly the most popular style at the moment is to decorate just one wall, which gives you the opportunity to use a bolder print or colour that you probably wouldn’t want to use for a whole room.

Other uses include doing a whole room, half room, creating a border or using it behind a bed as a modern and easily interchangeable feature bed head. It really can be used in any room to add personality, colour and style and it’s this versatility that makes it so popular.

A common misconception is that wallpaper cannot be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, this is not the case, just be sure to choose a water-resistant paper.


Do It Yourself

Although you can hire a professional to do the work for you, wallpaper has recently become much easier to install than it used to be. A new range, known as paste-the-wallpaper, is a great advance in wallpaper technology that ensures a cleaner finish and makes every DIYers life a lot easier.


How much do I need?

Probably one of the most crucial parts of buying wallpaper is getting the right amount. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and realising that you’re not going to have enough to finish.

Apart from the inconvenience of having to head back to the shops, there’s always the possibility that the wallpaper you need is sold out… absolute nightmare!

So, once you know where the wallpaper will go, it’s time to measure up. Measure the width of each wall and divide by 52cm (a standard roll width) to get the number of drops you will need. Next you need to measure the height of the space and add 15cm (to allow for trimming) and then multiply this number by the number of drops, to get the amount you require in metres. If using patterned paper, allow a bit extra so you can match up patterns. Most importantly – always overestimate!

  • Wall width divided by 52cm = number of drops
  • Wall height (plus 15cm) multiplied by number of drops = amount you require in metres

So, don’t be shy. Add some style and flair to your home with easy to use wallpaper. Check out one of the many Content Living display homes to see where you could incorporate this timeless feature into your new home.

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