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Swimming Pools | Summer Fun Is Made In Winter

Summer fun, especially pool fun, is made in winter! But while winter is upon us, a swimming pool is probably the last thing on your mind. In reality though, planning and installing a pool can take as long as six months so, if you’re thinking of having a cool Christmas, now is the perfect time to get the ball rolling.

August 22, 2019  |  Read Time: 3 minutes  |  Home Maintenance

There are so many reasons why Winter is the ideal time to invest in a pool, but we’ve listed the main ones here:

  • Having a pool installed during Winter means you will be able to enjoy the full swimming season
  • Installation time is longer in Summer, as many people only decide to get a pool once the warmer weather arrives. Beat the queues and get in early to avoid delays
  • You don’t want to rush your pool choice. Take the extra time to pick the perfect pool for your property
  • Take advantage of off-peak prices. Lots of companies offer deals and inclusions during winter that can save you thousands

So, now that you’re ready to take the plunge, where do you start? At Content Living we always recommend getting the professionals on the ground at the beginning of any project, and your new pool is no different.

Start by booking an onsite consultation with a pool or landscape designer, who can tell you where a pool would best fit in your outdoor space. Once you have a clear vision of the location and the size of the pool you can accommodate, it’s time to call in the pool specialists, to get a fix on the price.

Don’t rush the quote process. Talk to multiple pool companies, ask lots of questions, read online reviews and get several quotes. Doing your homework upfront will hopefully mean the whole journey, from dream to reality, will happen without too many hiccups. And always remember that if a quote seems too good to be true, make sure the company is up to industry standards – only go with a fully accredited pool company that is a SPASA approved installer.

With your pool supplier locked in, it’s time to make possibly the most important decision – the style/design of the pool. There are lots of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from or you could opt for something that’s custom made, to suit your backyard design or lifestyle.

Once you have selected your pool you can consider what bells and whistles you want to include, if any. Do you want heating? Are you going to have a water feature? Are you wanting decking around the pool or paving?

Try and organise to have your landscaping done as soon as possible after the pool is in. Having the whole area complete and furniture in place will not only make it more inviting, it will also ensure you don’t have a sandy mess to walk through to get into the pool.

There’s no question that a pool is a huge investment, of both time and money. However, long Summer days spent around a pool will always make the investment well worth it.

In an ideal world, the most convenient time to install a pool is when you have just built your home and before you complete your landscaping. So, the next time you visit a Content Living display home, take a look at the layout of the home and use your imagination to see where you could fit your Summer oasis.

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